Story A Day #3: what I’ve been writing

We are just past halfway through the month and this is my third ‘what I’ve been writing for Story A Day’ post, covering another six days.

I have sort of kept up with writing a story every day. It is September 18th and I have written 18 stories, but there have been a few no-story days and a few days of multiple stories.

Aside from the daily stories and these more regular than usual for me blog posts, I am supposed to be finishing my novella. This week was not great for that because of a ridiculous amount of day-job work, but I’m hoping to do some this weekend.

On to the stories!

I ended up with a story about a dying star looking back at their past life, over billions of years, and what was to come. Not much of a plot to it, more of a reflection, but it came out better than I expected.

And it sort of ties in with the novella.

This one was about a person living in the underworld answering annoying questions from a new arrival trying to find their bearings. The story I wrote was not particularly long, but I quite liked how it came together and I am definitely going to go back and develop this further.

The story was prompt-adjacent, but very stream of consciousness and not particularly useful in the end. But that’s the way it goes and not every day ends up with a story you want to develop. Onwards!

I wrote another novella-universe prequel story about leaving Earth. So far this month I’ve approached this aspect of my novella-universe from a few different perspectives, trying to find the right angle for what I’m trying to get at.

I really like how different the prompts can be from one day to the next and how this encourages me to experiment with varying approaches (what if character A is motivated by x instead of y, for example).

But my story does include a groundhog, so there’s that.

And that’s it! More soon.

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