FIYAHCON and the value of my time

My September writing goals include a blog post every three days (and this one is late). When I was brainstorming blog post topics, I thought “attending and volunteering at FIYAHCON*, post-con summary, perfect” and wrote that down for earlier this week. But when it came to it, I didn’t want to just write a typical […]

Story A Day #4: what I’ve been writing

This is my fourth summary of Story A Day stories that I’ve done this month. I track what I write each day (along with writing-adjacent activities) in a notebook (this one, which is, for me, the perfect mix of structured/unstructured), but I have been finding this weekly-ish summary to be rather useful.  I do try […]

Story A Day #3: what I’ve been writing

We are just past halfway through the month and this is my third ‘what I’ve been writing for Story A Day’ post, covering another six days. I have sort of kept up with writing a story every day. It is September 18th and I have written 18 stories, but there have been a few no-story […]

Recent publications of mine!

Today I am going to brag about my recent and forthcoming publications!  (I have mixed feelings about the publicity side of writing. I feel awkward promoting my own work, but I also want other people to read it. So here we are.) Working backwards, let’s start with the Kickstarter for CATS: Cycling Across Time and […]


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I have always loved to write. I also enjoy procrastination. These two interests are frequently in conflict.

When I am not writing or thinking about writing, I like to run, knit, garden, and get very angry on Twitter.

I am a settler on the unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg People.