My 2021 Writing Year

I started my 2021 writing planner* a little late last year and the first entry, on January 21st, says “hold email from Diabolical Plots!” It was a good start to the year. Highlights 3 stories published: The PILGRIM’s Guide to Mars, at Diabolical Plots (May 2021) The Present, in Ink: Queer Sci Fi’s Eighth Flash fiction Anthology (August […]

Another week of Nanowrimo (& more)

This week, I thought I would write not just about Nanowrimo, but what I’ve been doing more generally writing-wise as well, mostly because my Nano project is coming along as planned. Last week, on Friday, I attended a really interesting panel, Imagined (Lunar) Communities: Hope, Habitation, and Humanity, moderated by Smaran Dayal with Manish Melwani, Malka […]

Nanowrimo 2021, week 2-ish

Let’s review where I was last time I posted… I had decided that most of the stories I was working on for my Nano-rebel project wouldn’t work as standalones (there are some that will, but more on that later). And the more I thought about my idea for extracting material for encyclopedia-type entries (and began […]

How Nanowrimo’s going…

I was hoping to write something each week here about how my Nanowrimo project is progressing. I’m a few days past the end of the first week, and I apologize if this is rather stream of consciousness, but although the project is moving along at the correct pace, I have also been doing a lot […]


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About Me

I have always loved to write. I also enjoy procrastination. These two interests are frequently in conflict.

When I am not writing or thinking about writing, I like to run, knit, garden, and get very angry on Twitter.

I am a settler on the unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg People.