Science Fiction

The Sound of Home, in Dragon Bike: Fantastical Stories of Bicycling, Feminism, & Dragons (paperback available now, ebook February 2020) — You can read things I said about writing and reading and cycling and stuff (and also the lovely things Elly says about my writing).

What Is Left Behind, in Migration: Queer Sci Fi’s Sixth Annual Flash Fiction Anthology (July 2019)

Leaving, in Bikes Not Rockets: Intersectional Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories (December 2018). (There was a Kickstarter and you can read nice things about me and what I said about the book in the updates.)

The Moment of, in Impact: Queer Sci Fi’s Fifth Annual Flash Fiction Anthology (July 25 2018)

About writing

How I write short fiction (March 2020)

Five mistakes I made in my first (eight) NaNoWriMo(s) (October 22 2018)

In October 2016, I talked to Julia Duffy of StoryaDay.org on her podcast about writing, routines, and accountability.

Literary Fiction

Swimming Lessons, published in (parenthetical) (November 2014) (reprinted in (parenthetical) issue nineteen: editors’ (fiction) choice May 2017)

Field Trip, published in 5×5 Literary Magazine (Summer 2014)

Simply John, published in Black Heart Magazine (March 2014)

Roy and Ellen, published in Round Up Writer’s Zine (January 2014)