Can-Con 2016: My Day 2

Finally getting back to this (my comments on Friday are here). On Saturday, I went to six panels. It was a long day, but so worth it!

First off on Saturday morning was a panel called Brave New Baby with Anatoly Belilovski, Angela Stone, Lesley Donaldson, Julie Czerneda, and moderated by Hayden Trenholm on the topic of new and emerging medical treatments, procedures, etc surrounding reproduction, birth, and the early years. The conversation wandered a bit from that specific area, which was totally fine because it was so interesting and so well informed. I particularly am interested in the ideas around what happens when you design (or whatever) the ‘perfect baby’ but it isn’t what they want later and the issues surrounding pre- and post-natal consent. Continue reading

Story A Day September: Day 15

So, I’ve been MIA on this for the last week. Between a (unfortunately typical) heavy work load and a SFF writers’ convention (which was awesome, my first of three summary posts is already posted), I haven’t had a lot of writing time lately.

This is a … thing that came out of the first line, said to me.


We’ve Met

“We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

Nora looked at the other woman carefully.

“Another writing class, I think?” she answered.

A smile met her response. “Yes, I think so.”

The room was small and crowded and decorated in shades of grey.

Continue reading

Can-Con 2016: My Day 1

I was very fortunate to be able to attend the full three days of Can-Con (in Ottawa) this past weekend (September 9-11). I’m going to summarize the con with commentary.

I’ll start with Friday.

There were four workshops offered on Friday, prior to the official opening of Can-Con and I attended two of them (commentary follows).

As as aside, I want to mention the two workshops that I did not attend. The first was about creating underwater worlds and taught by Nina Munteanu. This was an appealing topic for me, but I did do a workshop last year with Nina on integrating different ecosytems into your stories and this was a bit too similar (although I’m sure there was additional awesome things discussed this year). Continue reading