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How I write short fiction (March 2020)

Five mistakes I made in my first (eight) NaNoWriMo(s) (October 22 2018)

In October 2016, I talked to Julia Duffy of StoryaDay.org on her podcast about writing, routines, and accountability.

Scrivener templates for Mac

I’ve been using Scrivener for a long time and am a huge fan. I know a lot of people find it complicated or overwhelming and it is true that it offers a plentitude of possibilities. But the great thing about it is that you don’t need to know the entire program to be able to use it.

The following templates are ones that I have developed for my own use. Maybe you will find them helpful, too. (To import a new template after it is downloaded, open a new project and then choose “options” in the project template window. One of the choices is “import template.”)

Short stories

A template for managing short stories and submissions.


A template for a first draft, intended to be used for Nanowrimo (but that just means that it is divided into 25 parts).

Story A Day

A simple template for Story A Day May.