Watch me read…

And avoid looking at the camera (that part wasn’t intentional).

At the Rainbow Space Magic virtual con for readers and writers of LGBTQ+ science fiction and fantasy (yes, it’s a long name, but I think we captured everything), of which I was one of the organizers, I did an author reading.

My first one, and I think it went fairly well. I should have paid more attention to my background (which I knew I should do and never got around to, as there was a lot of other things on the tech side of the con to keep me occupied). I should have read off the screen (rather than from the paperback), so that I was looking at the camera.

Anyway, here it is (my part starts at 20:34, although you can also listen to Olivia & Valerie, who were great, and there’s a bit of a q&a at the end).

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