Story A Day September update: what I’ve been writing

I don’t really think of these as flash fiction even though they are complete stories — each with a beginning, middle, and end — and a flash fiction sort of length. Because unlike flash fiction, they aren’t fully developed within that word count and they don’t focus on a single element. They are all ‘bigger stories’ and still in need of further description and worldbuilding and such. Undoubtedly, they will end up being much longer.

Of the six stories I have written so far, five of them are set within the universe of my current work in progress (a novella called This Monstrous Heart).

My idea going into this was to write a number of these little stories that develop the backstory for my novella. It isn’t necessarily material that I will use in the novella, but I think I’d like to write a prequel (or a series of prequel stories) once the novella is finished (by the end of this month!).

I didn’t intend on necessarily using the prompts for these prequel stories, but they have turned out to be really useful. Each day, some aspect of the prompt has given me a particular focus. 

But there was so much I liked in the ideas that developed — about a heavily capitalist space station orbiting Venus (bikes featured prominently, as a way to navigate the very large station, but the book part got left behind after the very beginning). I will definitely return to this idea in some form.

So that takes us up to today! I hope everyone is nurturing their creativity however that looks for them 🙂

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