My 2021 Writing Year

I started my 2021 writing planner* a little late last year and the first entry, on January 21st, says “hold email from Diabolical Plots!”

It was a good start to the year.


3 stories published:

The PILGRIM’s Guide to Mars is my first pro sale. That was my main goal for 2021 and I couldn’t be happier about it. (2022 goal: 2 more)

At least 15 submissions (but I think my tracking is a little off), two of them were novellas.

Volunteered at 4 SFF conventions

  • Rainbow Space Magic (March) (I was on the organizing committee, as well as taking care of the tech side of things)
  • Nebulas (June)
  • FIYAHCON (September)
  • Worldcon (December)

I took a number of classes and workshops, but there two more substantial ones that were incredibly helpful, a novella accountability class with Kate Heartfield and a short story workshop with Cat Rambo.

Accountability mechanisms! (Or at least, that’s how they function for me!)

I became an associate member of SFWA with the pro sale to Diabolical Plots and also joined Codex.

And I became a First Reader for Diabolical Plots and have gone through two submission periods so far. 

I also managed to post regularly here for a few months anyway. I tailed off in December, too burnt out for one more thing. I’m still trying to figure out what is a schedule that works for me, because I do like writing about what I’m doing, for my own sake even if no one else is overly interested.

And I started 2022 by submitting a story that I worked on, in fits and starts, throughout 2021, as it went through several titles and a few different critique/workshop groups. (It also varied in length from around 3000 words to almost 9000, settling at submission at 6698.) Fingers crossed & all, but I have a list of other markets for if/when it is rejected.

(*Because I love stationery: My planner for 2021 was a Midori MD 1 day / 1 page diary. There was a lot I liked about it, particularly that the pages were not pre-dated, but had space for the date to be written in. I also liked that there were two ribbon markers. The paper is, as one would expect, of very nice quality. The shadow of writing on the previous page was only faintly visible at worse (and I use fountain pens). For writing purposes, the monthly calendars (in the front of the book) were not particularly useful to me.)

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