October wrap up and what comes next

I put off this week’s blog for a few days so it would be an end-of-month (not just end-of-week) post. (Procrastinating? Very possibly!)

So! To review my plans for October:

To finish and submit the novella I was working on.

I did that in the first week of the month!

Complete two stories and submit two stories (not necessarily the same two!).

So, in addition to the novella, I submitted one very short piece and one very long piece (another novella I finished last spring).

I didn’t complete two stories, though I did get one finished (that I did then submit).

Specific stories:
  • Incorporate comments from workshop along with general notes from class
  • Finish by end of month

It’s not finished, but I am very happy with how it is progressing, so it not being done isn’t a problem or any kind of fail. It will only be better for the further work.

A large part of the reason why it is taking longer than I anticipated is that, once I incorporated the comments from workshop, the story got a lot longer (like 5000 words to just over 9000). 

That very large jump was a bit of a surprise, as I wasn’t paying attention to the word count as I added items (sensory details, a few scenes to provide better context). Oops.

And a longer story means it takes longer to get through each edit of the full thing and it also, in this case certainly, means that I need to think about how to get it back down. A short story is up to 7500 words and I really want this to get there (ideally, I’d prefer around 6000 words, but that doesn’t seem very likely).

I do have a bit more research to do (another oops), so I will be adding a bit more to two scenes near the end, but once I have that done, I’ll work on tightening the whole thing up.

There’s still laundry/Mondays are for laundry
  • Tidy up and submit for critique week

I worked on this, submitted it for critique week, renamed it (Mondays are for laundry), worked on the comments and suggestions from the critique session (which were, as always, incredibly helpful) and managed to send it out by the end of this week.

This is the opposite situation from Dispersed. It is such a short story (~1300 words) that going through it in its entirety took very little time. I made changes, thought about them, changed some more things, read it out loud several times, etc. And it still only took a few days to polish.

I need to write more stories with this sort of word count 🙂

If you give a clock an enchantment

There was the opportunity to submit a second story for workshopping, so I did. The comments and suggestions I received on this were very helpful. I like this story a lot, but I really needed other eyes on it to give me suggestions (I had previously submitted this to critique week in spring and used those suggestions, too, so it was better, but still bothering me in a few ways).

The more I work on this, and based on some of the feedback I received, I think this might be part of a longer piece, rather than the short story I was aiming for. I’ll return to this once Dispersed is done. 

Generation Pothos
  • Finish by end of month

With what I’ve been working on, I didn’t have the time to devote to this. I have some fragments written and some ideas, but I still am largely in the thinking about stage.

November and Nanowrimo

My plan for November is to prioritize the Nanowrimo stories I’m working on and supplement that with work on Dispersed (when I have larger chunks of time). If Dispersed gets finished, I’ll move on to If you give a clock an enchantment. 

And I wrote a blog post a week, as planned! I want to continue with the regular posts, so for November I’ll post weekly on my Nanowrimo (and any other) progress. Since the month starts on a Monday, I’ll post on Mondays, beginning on the 8th


I finished the class I was taking. It was really helpful and I’m going to be going over my notes, as there is a lot to think about, particularly regarding my process.

The slush reading I’ve been doing is winding down for this submission period, but I have a couple of other writing-adjacent volunteer things right now (checking transcripts from a con for accuracy and formatting a newsletter), both of which are nicely technical.

That’s all for now. Take care.

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