Story A Day #5: what I’ve been writing

And already we are at the end of September! It has gone by so quickly. 

I couldn’t be this productive without them. (I am writing this while in a writing spring with three of that group who join me manyThursday nights. It is so fortunate to have such a community.)

On to the stories!

This prompt of Anita’s — two dates on a piece of paper in your own handwriting  — is great. I have said before that my favourite prompts are highly specific, because I love seeing how totally different stories can from the same precise beginning. My story was about a woman with dementia that she has as the result of time travel.

Instead, I wrote a story about theoretical non-existent children, so that’s at least adjacent to the prompt! This was another novella-prequel story, as my all-but-immortal beings do not reproduce (it’s a long story and their inability to reproduce is related to the micro-evolutionary changes that resulted in them being all-but-immortal).

And that’s all for this Story A Day September.

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