Story A Day update #2: what I’ve been writing

This is my second summary of my Story A Day writing this month, covering September 7th to today!

So I’m not sure that what I wrote was objectively happy (is there an objectively happy? I don’t know).

But I was nonetheless very happy with I wrote πŸ™‚

It was another contribution to the novella-universe-prequel pieces that I have been mostly writing this month. And, aside from this story-scene itself, it also generated some other good ideas to further develop the novella’s backstory.

And it also ended up with a Sleeping Beauty’s fairy godmothers kind of twist that I really like.

I stuck pretty close to the prompt, although not entirely in all the details. I really leaned in on the death/souls aspect in this version.

There is something in the specificity of this prompt that conjures up so many ideas for me. (And I tend to like this kind of content-oriented prompt in general.)

This story hit closer to something I want to explore further than my previous attempt at the prompt. (Although I have done more work on my May story, I am not completely happy with how it resolves, like I had part of a story, but not one that was going to be complete within 3000 words or whatever.)

I have mixed feelings about these sort of prompts (in particular, specific, often very brief, word counts). On the one hand, I do feel that they are very good exercises in being concise and choosing your words with great care. On the other, sometimes I think of them as merely a distraction (because it’s not a ‘real’ story or some such rather bad reason).

All that to say, I wrote a six word story for day 9 πŸ™‚

Her grip loosened. She slid under.

See comments for day 9 about the 6 word story πŸ˜‰

Having said that, I did write an exactly 100 word piece that was a bit story/a bit reflection on a particular element of my novella-universe, so that was useful and productive.

I do find that writing within a particular world (for the most part) is quite helpful in ensuring I always have something to write about, whether it hews close the prompt or not.

It was another piece of backstory for my novella-universe, this time a character telling their dying partner about what will/may/could happen in the future. 

So far, Story A Day is going really well for me. There have been a couple days where I have not done all the things I had planned on, but I have caught up the next day (or days!). I know I don’t have to do that, but I like to for myself.

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