How I write short fiction

In December 2019, I gave a presentation to grade 8 students on writing short fiction, using my recently published story “The Sound of Home” (Dragon Bike: Fantastical Stories of Bicycling, Feminism, and Dragons) as an example.

I have edited my notes from that presentation into an article called “How I write short fiction.” It covers: what inspires me, where I get my ideas, how I write, and (briefly) writer’s block.

It is not intended as a “how to” but rather a “how I” and is written down as much for my own sake (and reflection) as for anyone else’s.

As someone who adores writing craft books and classes, I see both their promise and danger. We can learn from each other, but as soon as what we say veers into the proscriptive, that potential for mutual aid is lost.

So this is offered as a reflection on a changing, slippery process.

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