DIY MFA Book Club: My Writing Space

Today’s DIY MFA Book Club prompt is to show and describe your writing space.

I have a wide, flat desk. I took three pictures (rather than a panorama) for ease of description.


So, here’s the middle part of my desk. I have a small laptop (it’s an 11″ MacBook Air). I have the smaller size partly as a function of cost, but I also prefer it for practical reasons. Its lighter and more portable and just easier to use sitting on a sofa or in bed.

The corkboard directly in front of me is for my current WIP. I do index cards for each character, with their name and photo and details about them.

The three magazine boxes are: one for unused or in process notebooks, one for completed notebooks ,and the third for a mix of magazines, papers, etc.

The horizontal trays contain a print out of my all but finished novel and some unused (larger) notebooks.


To my left, there is a little plastic box of used index cards for other projects. Another plastic box has post-its of various sizes, small notebooks, index cards, and ink cartridges of various types for my various fountain pens.

Then there’s my current research books (one about the Curiosity rover on Mars, one about the Solar System, and one about lesbians in Canada in the first half of the 20th century).

And then there’s my notebook and cards for the all-but-finished novel I’ve been actively working on.



And then on my right, it’s mostly knick-knacks and my knitting bowl (with current project in it). The other corkboard has various things on it, some drawings done by my partner, some reminder messages regarding writing, some random items.

I have a lot of writing books on the bookshelf further off to this side, so they’re close at hand.

And that’s it! I don’t do a lot of physical reminders of goal setting or anything like that.

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