Stories coming soon

The last two years I’ve been writing mostly science fiction. I read a lot of SF through my teens and twenties and then lost interest for the most part, largely because what I was reading did not well accord with my own experience. I find some of the books I liked most to be largely unreadable now because of the atrocious female characters and wanky men.


I’m almost finished an SF novel, which is exciting, but I also have two stories coming out this year. The Moment of  is very short (300 words) flash fiction and appears  in Impact: Queer Sci Fi’s Fifth Annual Flash Fiction Anthology (available July 25 2018).

Leaving, which is longer, will be in Bikes Not Rockets: Intersectional Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories (pending publication, December 14 2018) and you can support the Kickstarter for it.

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