Story A Day September: Day 7

The prompt for today is to tell a story using only dialogue. I’ve used my main character Millie again. She’s talking with her roommate Nikos. I’m afraid that the dialogue does not properly tell a complete story, although it does have an ending (the one part I’m most often lacking!).

Having been doing some screenwriting lately, I really, really wanted to add some action and setting descriptions, but I refrained.

With Friends Like These

“Hi, Nikos.”

“You’re back! I didn’t notice anything amiss.”

“Are you saying I leave things amiss? I just got in last night.”

“You haven’t had time, then.”


“Where were you? You should still be asleep.”

“Roddy wanted to see me.”


“He had a job to offer me.”

“A job? A different job?”


“Why? Is he firing you?”

“Ha. No. Or at least, not in so many words.”

“So what does he want you to do, then?”

“The Mars to Saturn run.”

“There is no Mars to Saturn run…”


“Not Saturn proper?”

“What? Oh it couldn’t be. It must be one of the moons, I have no idea.”

“That will take a while.”

“Just a bit, eh?”

“Did you tell him no?”

“Of course not. I told him I’d do it. What choice did I have really?”

“He’s not going to fire you for saying no.”

“What would you say that? He totally would.”

“You’re a good pilot.”

“I tell you, Nikos, he doesn’t like me at all. He doesn’t like most women. Have you not noticed that?”

“I suppose not. I suppose I wouldn’t.”

“You should. Honestly.”

“Here. I’ll get you a drink.”


“So you’re just going to leave the Moon.”

“I suppose. I hadn’t thought it through that much.”

“No, I guess.”

“Can I have your place?”


“Your place. Your apartment in Armstrong Barracks. I mean, if you’re not going to need it.”

“Damn it, I don’t know whether I’m going to need it or want it or what. I have a lot to think about.”

“You said you already said you’d do it.”

“I did, but give me some space. Honestly. You’re the worst.”

“I’m the worst? Really. You should listen to yourself sometime. Anyway. I was going to meet Oscar at the Prefect. Do you want to come?”

“No, I don’t want to come. I hate Oscar.”

“Fine. Suit yourself.”

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