Story A Day May: Day Seven

Today’s prompt was to write something that was all dialogue. I’m not sure how well this worked out. It’s very clear in my mind, but it is based on something quite recent and I fear that I may be too close to it to be clear as of yet.


“Are you local?”

“What? Umm, no. I’m just here for the meeting.”

“Are you interested in pottery, then?”

“Actually, I am. But I came because I know Aaron. You know, who ran the meeting.”

“The young man. He seems very knowledgeable.”

“He is. This is very important to him.”

“He has done a lot of research, hasn’t he? His presentation had lots of detail.”

“Well, he’s looked a lot into the specifics, certainly. But this is also what he does. He’s a professor…”

“Yes, he seems to have read a lot, but I’m not sure that he really knows us, you know. Not just the pottery, but our town. I’m afraid that a lot of people come here and they don’t really understand.”

“That’s why he suggested the feasibility study, to talk to people and see how likely…”

“Yes, dear, but I worry about these feasibility study people. They may know a lot about feasibility studies, but what do they know about Jonestown? And what do they know about pottery, for that matter? We will have to make sure that they talk to all the townspeople.”

“Of course. I am sure that they are accustomed to …”

“They need to talk to the museum people, of course. And the potters. But the people in town, as well. And the people on the museum board and the volunteers.”

“I’m sure that will be part of what they do. You know, …”

“But I’m afraid that the really difficult part, the part that will be the greatest barrier, is the money.”

“That’s the whole point, though. That this will help the museum become self-sustaining…”

“We can’t be going on getting a grant here and a grant there and hoping for the best! This pottery idea can’t be dragging the museum down! We struggle enough, you know, from one year to the next. We’ll need to find the money for the kiln and all of these other things!”

“But that’s the great thing. The idea is that the pottery works will bring in money and help to…”

“And I don’t know about having the volunteers run this whole matter. They really aren’t that all the qualified, I don’t think. And they already do so much.”

“Oh! I don’t think the volunteers would be asked to run any of this at all! I mean, if they wanted to help that would be okay, but not …”

“All in all, it seems like such a big city idea. Perhaps it’s not really a Jonestown idea.”

“I’m sure that one you think about …”
“What did Madam President of the board of directors have to say?”

“She’s intrigued, I think. Has a lot of questions.”

“That’s great. I have a lot of answers.”


“It went well, didn’t it? I’m so excited about it.”

“It went great. I can’t wait.”

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