Story A Day May: Day Two

Today’s story is a very short one. I used the Fourth Grade Spelling List prompt. I don’t quite know why this went in the direction it did (I think it was the words ‘relay’ and ‘pail’ – which seem random, but there you go). I kind of like the weirdness of it all, though. Not my usual sort of thing.


Erin looked around the park. She was sure that everything was ready, but as much as she was sure, she knew that there was something that the mayor, her boss, would find lacking.

He always did, no matter how careful she was. She remembered the time he had insisted on the airplane flyover on the first day of spring. He wanted one of those messages pulled behind the plane. Something to raise the populace’s enthusiasm. She had thought that the standard “April showers bring May flowers” was the perfect sentiment. Mayor Spencer had thought otherwise.

Especially when the sign pulled behind the plane actually read “April sowers remain May showers.” Erin still didn’t know how that happened.

Be that as it may.

Ha ha.

And here they were today, a holiday Monday and a huge community picnic in the park.

Erin had tried so hard this time. She did not want the mayor to find any reason to blame her this time. She had been so careful.

She had decided on a state fair-type theme. That seemed safe enough. They could have relay races. And throwing balls into pails. Three legged races, with the participants tied at ankle and knee and waist.

What could possibly go wrong?

What could not?

The day had started with the ceremonial flag raise, which would have been a wonderful beginning had they been able to find the proper flag.

That was bad enough, but it was just one thing after another. When the mayor had stood up on the ceremonial frame to hand out the prizes for the races, it had tipped forward, bunting billowing around it and it slowly fell over, covering the mayor and winners as it went.

With nothing left to gain, Erin had rushed up and pulled the mayor clear of the frame and the bunting and the scattered participant ribbons.

She smiled at him brightly, hoping for the best.

But, alas, as it always was, there was nothing but a glower and a twitch of his mouth and him turning away and stalking off.


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