Screenwriting class: Character outline

Last weekend, I went to a six hour screenwriting workshop at SAW Video (that was excellent and I will write about later), but I am also, quite coincidentally, taking a two week online screenwriting class. Apparently, it is running again in May. I recommend it.

For the class, we are to post to our blog (if we have one) a character outline for one of the exercises. So, here is mine. This is from a work in progress that will (I think) be a story and not a screenplay (or maybe it will be both in the end).



Backwards listing of major events in the story

  • decides to stay in the garden with Lottie, at least for the time being
  • Becca is unsure of what to do, whether she should take the opportunity to leave or whether she should stay in the garden with Lottie
  • Becca finds a way out of the garden at the same time that Lottie confesses her feelings for her
  • while looking for a way to return to her previous life, Becca becomes closer to Lottie and more interested in the garden itself
  • Becca investigates the garden, desperately looking for a way out
  • Becca suddenly finds herself in a mysterious garden
  • Becca encounters an enchanted mirror in the attic of the cottage
  • Becca inherits a cottage from her (literal) fairy godmother

Becca is aware of her immediate external wants (to leave the garden). Her need for personal connection, however, is something that only comes to her slowly.

Becca, despite her fairy characteristics, is very logical. When she is looking for a way out of the garden, she is doing so in a rational, thoughtful way. She is smart, although not necessarily overly intelligent. She is generally cautious and careful. She thinks through things before she does them, but she does not overthink.

Becca is a young woman just starting out as a fairy godmother. She was acting as an apprentice of sorts in the role with her own fairy godmother, Tinsel, when Tinsel unexpectedly died in a fairy-related accident. Becca is nervous about being on her own, but determined to succeed.

She is a fairy, so she has:
small wings
blue hair
dark skin

but she is a modern fairy:
wears jeans mostly

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