My random list of awesome women

It’s International Women’s Day, which is a great opportunity to honour some wonderful, inspiring women.  This is a random list (with links) that I have tweeted/will tweet over the course of today.

(I am certain that I will soon realize that I have forgotten someone really wonderful. I may update as the day goes on.)


Wonderful Woman #1 Emma Goldman – so many choices! – I have a fondness for this one: Suffrage Dealt Blow by Women of Titanic

Wonderful Woman #2 Boudica A good summary from @anne_theriault (also Boudica’s chapter in The Warrior Queens by Antonia Fraser)

Wonderful Woman #3 Cindy Blackstock — Read the entire Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling.

Wonderful Woman #4 Dorothy Sayers, mystery writer, Dante translator and a bunch of other spectacular stuff

Wonderful Woman #5 Margaret Mead and adolescence and girls in Samoa

Wonderful Woman #6 Eleanor Roosevelt – THESE LETTERS with Lorena Hickok

Wonderful Woman #7 Hildegard of Bingen —  Just watch Vision by Margarethe von Trotta

Wonderful Woman #8 Buffy St Marie, either this or that

Wonderful Woman #9 Barbé Poisson — my 7x great-grandmother, who arrived in New France as a 14 year old ‘Filles à Marier’ (pre-Filles de Roi) in 1647

Wonderful Woman #10 J.K. Rowling – Just follow her on twitter

Wonderful Woman #11 Harriet Taylor Mill – The Enfranchisement of Women

Wonderful Woman #12 Sophia Duleep Singh, princess and suffragette

Wonderful Woman #13 Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, awesome Buddhist teacher



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