It’s cold out there…

I suppose I should be happy that it is 20°C warmer feeling today than it was on Saturday. Except that with the ‘wind chill’ on Saturday it felt like -45°C or some such absurd thing and it’s warming up, though, and now only feels like -21°C. Although there is a substantial difference there, it doesn’t actually feel all that much (except that today is not a ‘skin freezes in 10 minutes’ day).

Somehow, I have a harder time sitting down to focus on writing when the weather is like this. I think it is partly the physical ickiness (even inside, my apartment has the crappiest windows possible — it is downright chilly in here). And my complete aversion to the idea of going out to write at a coffee shop, involving as it does putting on layer upon layer of heavy clothes.

And it’s been a generally awful week for a whole bunch of mundane and profound reasons, which I think I aggravated somewhat by finally getting around to downloading the new/latest/last Bowie album (which is excellent, but not exactly a pick me up).

And — because there has to be another one — I am completely stuck in the short story I am writing, which is a mystery and needs (at least a little) investigation and I have no idea right now.

However! I have just downloaded today’s Welcome to Nightvale podcast, so there’s 27 minutes of diversion.


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