And, just like that, it’s the end of November

Hard to believe that November is already over. Today (yesterday/Monday), I had what is probably going to be my last bike into the office until spring, as there is freezing rain forecast for Tuesday and that is the sort of occurrence that usually heralds winter properly settling in.

I finished my Nanowrimo novel comfortably, which was nice, although I am truly sick of it right now and just don’t want to think about it. At all. At least until January 1st.

Instead, I am looking hungrily/happily at a long list of short story ideas (combined with a somewhat shorter list of submission deadlines) and deciding what to work on next.

What I’ve been watching:

We finished Master of None pretty quickly (highly recommended, it was amazing). It is a truly impressive sitcom.

We watched the first episode of River on Netflix, a could-be-predictable police procedural set in London. The main character, John River, is haunted by the deaths he hasn’t solved — to the point that he sees and converses with the dead. His degree of mental illness gradually unfolds. A beautiful and haunting, although also heavy and exhausting, show.

More regularly, we’ve been watching the much lighter, Death in Paradise, about an unwilling British cop sent to a fictional Caribbean island to take the place of the recently deceased police inspector. The fish out of water scenario works far better than one might reasonably expect and the supporting characters are strong and interesting in their own right. Bonus points for the fact that the mysteries are solvable in the best Golden Age tradition.

What I’ve been reading:

I am continuing to read Welcome to Night Vale which I need to spend more time on and which is absolutely awesome.

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