Another week…

I’m more than a little late with this week’s regularly scheduled post, although I do have excuses.

Two birthdays resulted in more baking than I usually do (by far) and they each wanted something that I had never made before (Lemon-Buttermilk Bundt Cake, but with Martha Stewart’s Lemon Syrup as a glaze for Annette and then Bourbon Bread Pudding (with apples instead of raisins) without the glaze, but with Vanilla Custard Sauce for Aran). Surprisingly, it all turned out well (and yummy).

However! The most important reason is that I became preoccupied with getting through the end of the my Nanowrimo novel — which I finished yesterday! (Yeah! Fireworks! Applause!)

There was a brutal bit around 40 000 words where it felt like I was just treading water, but I worked through it with a gratuitous sex scene and then relationship-related ponderings. All that will have to go in the second draft, I think, as I was not really happy with it as a character development between my main character and her best friend (I had been leaning in the direction of a very slight unrequited crush….). As the first book in an intended series, I don’t think it should start off with them having random sex (not to mention that, from a practical point of view, I think it would make the book unsellable).

Anyway, I’m happy to have finished. I’m putting the book aside for a bit now to get some distance from it, but I’m also eager to work on the long list of short story ideas that has accumulated while I have been focusing on the novel. They alone should act as a nice palate cleanser.


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