Not quite a third of the way into Nanowrimo and things are going smoothly. (I feel like I should knock on wood or something after typing that!)

Of course, given that this story, this novel, has been percolating in my head since January of this year, there is a lot of the reason for the smoothness of this November (so far). I have thought through a lot of the potential problems and pitfalls I could be – but am not – experiencing. I have worked through not only plotting issues, but character development and quite a bit of backstory. (In the spring, I wrote a 10 000 word story that is part of the same series. I feel like my understanding of the recurring characters is well on its way by now.)This year’s Nano for me is a bit of a cheat — I had the strong outline, of course (that had been revised multiple times), but I had also written the prologue and first few chapters (and the last couple chapters plus epilogue). I’m writing the 50 000 words that fall in between those. Regardless of that, it’s feeling pretty good, the characters are continuing to develop nicely, in part according to my intentions and in part according to their own predilections, and the mystery elements of the plot (clues, alibis, red herrings, and so forth) are unfolding in a desirable manner.

Because one has to have something to fret about, my current concern is that the story is not exciting enough, that it will somehow read as very boring and stupid. (And no publisher would ever be stupid enough to want this.)

In the midst of this as I am, I am not in a good position to judge how valid a criticism this may amount to. And it is probably something I need to wait until I get to the end to before I even consider.

Right now, I have decided that all I ought to be focusing on is nurturing my characters as they work their way through this and considering what red herrings and unexpected turns to drop in amongst them.

Deep breath.

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