Story A Day May: Days 22 Through 27

Well, I have certainly fallen off keeping an up to date commentary on my Story A Day May output. Various life things have intervened (like children and work and such), but I have managed to mostly write a story each day (there were a few days there on the weekend where I averaged a story a day, but I figure that’s okay).I am so pleased with what I have accomplished so far this month, though. Doing all of this work that takes place within the world of my novel/eventual series has given me a much greater sense of the main character and her ‘sidekick’ friend. It also has given me the chance to think about how I see the series developing, which will, as I return to the novel/first book, inform how the recurring characters behave and think.
I have also been doing outlines of sorts for the fictional series that the main character loves and those have just been lots of fun. (And I think I may have read too many of those series mysteries with girl detectives as a kid, because I can whip off mystery and villain ideas pretty quickly, as it turns out.Only four days left in the month and, despite all the forgoing, I’m eager to get back to the book (which still needs a title).

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