Story A Day May: Days 19 Through 21

I haven’t posted on my Story A Day May progress in a few days, so this will be a bit of a catch up post. (My spring allergies are in full swing and I have been feeling gross and exhausted. I wish my eyes would stop running — at least the allergy pills have stopped the horrible itching.)

Anyway! On to more interesting things.

Over the last three days, I have done another outline of a future book or story in this series (which needs a name other than ‘the books where Corey solves murders’) and two more stories that give background on characters.

I continue to enjoy doing the book outlines, although they take more time, as they necessarily require more detail — they are mysteries and need at least one crime and multiple suspects, as well as subplots. They are not very detailed, but still moreso than a non-mystery.

Yesterday’s background story (which was about Corey) was a bit painful to write. It was a reflective piece, with her thinking about the how and why she acquired her dog Coal. It needed more people in it and less blathering.

Today  killed two prompts with one story (story told completely through dialogue and something I randomly researched). The former was particularly difficult. I definitely wanted to add explanation and description. Like constantly. And I realized that my dialogue could use more reference to the surrounding world (sense inputs, for example — comments on sounds, smells, etc), so that was very helpful. As far as the ‘writing what you don’t know,’ I kind of cheated. It was only partly something I didn’t already know (it was about knitting and I added in material about the Master Knitter program that required research), but it worked for the character, so I can live with that.

Back to book outlines tomorrow!

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