Story A Day May: Days 17 and 18

(I posted this late last night and accidentally posted it on the wrong blog (a work-related one instead this one). Oops and why one should go to bed a little earlier…)

So yesterday, I wrote an outline for a different installment in my mystery series than the one I am currently working on. I took an element from my series within a series to base it on. (My idea being that the fictional series and my series will ‘match up’ to a certain degree, but they won’t be exactly the same or even have the same key point or crime.)

And then today, I wrote another outline for the fictional children’s mystery series.

These semi-detailed outlines (they’re running around 1200 words) are going really well. I am quite pleased with the future ideas I am generating. It’s nice to have a lot of stuff to work on into the future.

I am growing quite fond of my fictional teenage detective (Cindy May), who is a combination of all of my favourites from my childhood — Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, the Hardy Boys, and maybe even a little of the Bobbsey Twins (whose books are the least re-readable of the bunch, mostly because the racism is even worse than in the others, I have no idea why).

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