Story A Day May: Day 15

Today’s prompt was to write a story in the first person and I did so. I guess I have been writing an awful lot of third person lately, because I found I kept slipping back into it. I don’t know how many sentences I had to go back and fix.

When I began thinking about what to write, I came up with a few good ideas for this character (Pam, who I had already written one story about, but she is the main character’s sidekick, so she gets at least two). But when I started mentally sketching out what would happen, I realized I was coming up with a story that was essentially the same as the last one that I wrote about her. Again, it was going to be a “Pam doing something for the first time” and being anxious about it. On the one hand, I think that tells me a lot about what I think of Pam! But on the other, I wanted to say something different about her, too. To investigate more of her personality, who she is.  So I went down a different path and I was happy that I recognized what I was doing.

However, having said that, the story itself didn’t come out exactly as I had planned. Pam was far too self-aware and reflective of the situation I put her in. There was too much talk and not enough show. (I realized that as I got to the end of the story, unfortunately. It was a bit of a ‘hey! this is almost all in her head’ moment.) So, not a great story, not even a great possibility. But I did learn more about the character, so that makes it a successful day regardless.

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