Story A Day May: Day 12 (Story 11)

More of the same today, although this story was much more closely related to my novel (including not just a character from it — actually two today — but a key prior event). It was, of course, different to need to follow ideas and other aspects that I had already decided on. I think I did manage to hit on some good background material with regards to the two characters, both individually and in conjunction with each other. That part felt like a success.

I am not completely satisfied, however, with how I ended the story. It was, I think, a bit too abrupt with some heavy handed foreshadowing to finish it off. However! Tomorrow another day, etc. I will need to return to this story, anyway, and flesh it out in combination with the interactions between the characters in the novel to give me a better understanding of the two of them (and what happens later! Ah!).

And … to catch up with actually averaging a story a day for the month, I have plans for writing two stories tomorrow. (Fingers crossed.)

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