Story A Day May: Day 9 (on the 10th)

This past weekend did not leave a lot of time for writing. It was Ottawa ComicCon and Aran and I spent Friday and Sunday at it, with Maddy coming for part of Friday. (As an aside, it was great. We saw Q&As with Billie Piper, Nichelle Nichols, and Peter Mayhew. And we went to some amazing costuming and prop building sessions. And, of course, we saw lots of people we knew.) And on Saturday, Annette’s installation at Fieldwork had it’s opening (it was really perfect — beautiful weather and lots of people came out).

This evening, I have finished the story I roughly outlined yesterday, so that felt like an accomplishment! I gave one of my characters some pretty heavy background to deal with, but it came out quite easily and naturally, so I won’t think to hard about that.

As I have said previously, I am using this month of stories to write (mostly) background stories for the characters in the novel I am currently working on and, I just have to say, it is working out so well! I feel like I am really getting to know my characters so much better. They are developing depth and previous experiences and interests and characteristics. It’s awesome.

My plan for tomorrow is to try to squeeze in two stories, perhaps on the shorter side, but two stories nonetheless.

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