Story A Day May: Day 7

Today, I used Meg Wolfe‘s prompt about an “unexpected acquisition” and it went in an unexpected direction — a good direction in the end, but  just …. unexpected. I was (yet again) writing background on one of my characters (Daphne, an English and drama high school teacher, in her early 60s). I was going to combine the unexpected acquisition with the main prompt about finding something in a museum collection (and did, in fact, spend some time browsing through a few — well, several, or a bunch), but that was taking a bit too much time… way too much time. However, the browsing did give me an idea for my ‘unexpected acquisition,’ so that was productive in its way.

I have a busy weekend ahead, so I’m not too sure how the next three days will go (tomorrow and Sunday, I’m going to Ottawa ComicCon with my son and on Saturday, my partner has an opening of an exhibition that she has an installation at). I will try to write shorter pieces as possible.

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