Story A Day May: Day 4

Well. I wrote a story of sorts today. It was intended as more outline than fully fleshed out story per se.

I think that this requires a bit of explanation. The mystery I am currently writing features a main character who  is very attached to a Nancy Drew/Trixie Belden-ish series from her childhood (more the latter than the former, I have always found Trixie somewhat more relatable, myself)

Of course, I decided that the series the character loves would be completely fictional. (This made sense when I decided that. I was thinking that if I chose an actual series, I would have to be careful about being accurate to the series and particular books. And when I wanted an example of some particular thing, I would have to go looking for that within the series. I will admit I am very familiar with the Trixie Belden books in particular, but even I would need to double- or triple-check details to make sure. A fictional series seemed so much easier.)

So, for today’s story, I tried to write a rough outline of one of the books in this series (in fact, the first book in the series). It sort of went okay. It came out more Scooby Doo than Nancy Drew, but I can live with that for now (I think — there weren’t any actual pretend monsters, but that’s the best I can say about it).

I tried to write the outline in 1500 words, which felt both too long and too short. (I was trying to do something like this: — but I think I need to study that a bit more carefully before I try it again.)

So, today wasn’t a complete failure, but I also want to give this some more thought and study before I do the next one.

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