Story A Day May: Day 3

I am beginning to really enjoy this process of developing backstory for my characters through writing anecdotal stories. They are becoming so much more real and three-dimensional. Some of these stories may make it into my current novel (or perhaps in future ones in the series for the repeating characters, if it comes to that), but I expect most will not. But for my own purposes, I feel like I am getting to know these people so much better and I am hopeful that will translate into how I write them, that I will be able to convey some of that depth of knowledge.

Fingers crossed.

Today, I was working with a character (Todd) who is quasi-spiritual leader and so I formatted the story as a sermon or teaching given to a group of people. It made me think more deeply about Todd in this particular role, so that was good. The story itself was, perhaps, a little cliched, but I can live with that. (And it probably says something about Todd that he would tell such a story and be deeply affected by it as well.)


Well. Today’s story came easily (too easily, I’m sure…), although I think it was mostly because it was something I had already given a fair amount of thought to. It was another in my series of backstory anecdotes for my novel’s characters, which I think I’m getting the hang of, so that’s good.

I didn’t use the day’s prompt/limit, although I will put it aside for another day. It is so much more difficult to write concisely!

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