Story A Day May: Day 2

More of the same today. I wrote another background anecdote piece, this time for my novel’s main character’s best friend (Pam). I tried to construct a story on a smaller scale today, where the central ‘problem’ that the story revolves around is about family and children.

I kind of / sort of / almost used the Story A Day prompt for today. It was about ‘family folklore’ and those memories that get shared around amongst family members. I used something more immediate, however, my own memories of my children starting school. What I ended up with was a mash up of my kids, the children being described not being the same as mine at all — but there are elements of them in there. In the same way, the character, Pam, isn’t me, either. She has some of my experiences or feelings, but she is far more a combination of other women (and herself in how she has developed in the novel I am writing, of course).

I had a difficult time finding an ending. When I was thinking about the story, earlier in the day, I thought I had an ending worked out, but as I wrote, it just wasn’t there. And, as so often seems to happen once one gets writing, the ending that ended up materializing was nothing like what I had originally been thinking of. Better, though, I think.

Onward to tomorrow and yet another character from the novel. Todd this time. Let’s see how I do with a male character.

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