Stuff, in the summer

Summer does seem to rush by. It always seem like the opportunity to do so much that it is hard to get everything in.

I did Camp Nanowrimo again in July and have completed the first draft of a novel that I feel really (*really*) good about. I wrote the first half of it in April, reviewed that first half at the end of June and then wrote the rest. I don’t know if it is merely the enthusiasm of finishing all 480-ish pages, but I think it has potential. It’s a Canadian political thriller (I may be delusional) inspired by the combination of watching both UK and US versions of House of Cards, watching and reading The Best Laid Plans and re-watching for the umteenth time, Yes, Prime Minister. Oh, and the West Wing. I hadn’t watched that before. Also, reading Paul Wells’ The Longer I’m Prime Minister. I may be forgetting something. Well, lots of political Twitter, too. Regardless, editing has already commenced and, fingers crossed, I still like it.

And I have a story in the latest issue of 5×5 Literary Magazine — Field Trip in their Summer 2014 issue.

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