The dwindling days of 2013

Some of the things I got for Christmas, some of which I will talk more about in the near future:

1) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: A and I (finally) discovered this recently, thanks to an article in the New Yorker. I got seasons 4 and 5 for Christmas from two of my sisters. (We started season 4 last night.) Extremely funny show, utterly inappropriate for the kids.

2) A McSweeney’s subscription from A!!!! Enough said.

3) Hyberbole and a Half (the book). I bought this for one sister and received it from another. I have (of course, already) started reading it, a nice mix of new and old stuff.

4) Socks (four pairs in total). Most useful and excellent.

5) The Orenda by Joseph Boyden, which I am looking forward to, although it is not exactly the sort of book I often like.

6) And hand cream. And coffee. These are things one cannot have enough of (especially when they are nicer than what you would buy yourself).

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I'm a writer (currently) living in Ottawa, Canada.

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