How that Story a Day thing went

Of course, it’s been too long. However!

I posted a story a day for all of May on my blog at Story a Day. It was a great experience and generated several solid first drafts. I’ve already turned two or three of them into longer pieces. Although I wouldn’t want to try to write a story (of whatever length) every single day, it was a useful exercise for a month and I’m glad I found the web site. I can totally see the benefit of doing this periodically (maybe 2 or 3 times a year, not just May or maybe for a couple of weeks rather than a month).

It was quite liberating in a lot of ways to just write, something, anything, every day. And having the expectation that I would do it every day led to me doing exactly that.

My stories ended up being around 650-1000 words. Some days it felt like a slog to get anything down (especially something with a narrative!), but it was satisfying when I found a story to tell each day. It also encouraged me to make a more concerted effort to look around me for story possibilities!

More later…

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