DIY MFA: Try a new technique

Today’s prompt for the DIY MFA Book Club is to a try a new-to-you technique from the DIY MFA book. I always appreciate this sort of external push towards trying something that I might not do otherwise. It was also encouragement to spend some more time with the book (which, while I had been intendingContinue reading “DIY MFA: Try a new technique”

DIY MFA Book Club: Favourite story type

I’m particularly enjoying these prompts that push me to think about some of my unconsidered preferences around stories and characters. Today’s DIY MFA Book Club prompt is “what is your favourite story type?” referring to, for example, underdog stories or rom-coms or epic quest-type stories. My first reaction is always something in the order ofContinue reading “DIY MFA Book Club: Favourite story type”

DIY MFA Book Club: Supporting Character Archetypes

The prompt today from DIY MFA Book Club is: what is your favourite supporting character archetype (and why)? The role of supporting characters, of course, is to do just that, be supportive of the main character. Their purpose, their only purpose, is to illuminate aspects of the protagonist. Which is, of course, why we needContinue reading “DIY MFA Book Club: Supporting Character Archetypes”