In process

One Step Forward

Displaced from their downtown Toronto home by the results of climate change & societal disruption, Fern, Lea, and their two children have found refuge in a former airport hotel. But as time passes, Fern worries that they are too comfortable in their new home and becomes convinced that, somewhere, there is a better place for her family.


Onwards to Enceladus (out in the world, looking for a publisher)

When the first crewed mission to Saturn failed, Millie Jones lost her dream of exploring space — and her partner, Ximena. 

Ten years later, Millie is a cargo pilot on the Moon-Mars run when she is unexpectedly offered the position of captain on a mission to Saturn’s moon Enceladus. The mission will search for signs of alien life on Enceladus, as well as assess the moon’s economic potential. But there is another part to their work, to investigate what happened to the first mission, the one that was lost. Despite her reservations about whether she is up to the job, Millie’s reawakened dreams push her to accept.

The mission’s success, or indeed the crew’s very survival, depends on whether Millie is strong enough to bring her crew together as a team and discover the truth.