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PIA20522Onwards to Enceladus 

When the first crewed mission to the outer solar system failed, Millie Jones lost her dream of exploring space — and her partner.

Ten years later, Millie is a cargo pilot on the Moon-Mars run when she is unexpectedly offered the position of captain on a mission to Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Millie is hesitant. The mission will explore Enceladus and possibly discover alien life, but it is also intended to assess the moon’s economic potential. And there is another part to the mission, to investigate what happened to the mission that was lost.

But Millie’s reawakened dreams push her forward and her new job is what she always wanted, even though the trip to Enceladus is plagued with escalating interpersonal conflicts and technical problems.

The mission’s success, or indeed the crew’s very survival, depends on whether Millie is strong enough to bring her crew together as a team and discover the truth.