Like science fiction? Bicycles? Dragons? Do I have a story for you!

Actually, it’s a whole anthology! Read The Sound of Home, in Dragon Bike: Fantastical Stories of Bicycling, Feminism, & Dragons (paperback available now, ebook February 2020) — Also, you can read things I said about writing and reading and cycling and stuff (and also the lovely things Elly says about my writing).

Can*Con 2019: Part 2

So, continuing with the writing -related panels I went to at Can*Con this year… (part 1 available here). Who’s our hero anyway? moderated by K.V. Johansen with Éric Desmarais, Kevin Hearne, and Tanya Huff This was a really interesting panel about having multiple point-of-view characters, particularly in the context of epic-type books/series. I went toContinue reading “Can*Con 2019: Part 2”